Greetings! Thanks for visiting Little Lavender Lobster.  Let me introduce myself, I’m Rachel, the artist and designer behind everything here at Little Lavender Lobster. As an artist, silversmith, architect/engineer, and overly detail oriented person, I'm always up for a new project! Little Lavender Lobster started in 2016, when  I was up for some new project ideas, so I took up silversmithing and jewelry making as a hobby.

Little Lavender Lobster designs are inspired by simple, sophisticated, and natural elements. Sometimes my inspiration comes from picking up a rock on the Maine coastline and other times I’m inspired from architecture walking in a city. Little Lavender Lobster offers many different items from handmade jewelry to custom stationery. Our jewelry is constructed with silver, brass, copper and sometimes gold. The stones we use could be anything from a rock picked up on the beach to a semi-precious stone and everything in between. Our stationary is mostly nautical focused, sophisticated and simple. 

Our items are inspired by Maine not Made in Maine. Little Lavender Lobster is based in Pennsylvania, but often visit Maine and find most of my inspiration while I'm spending time on the Coast.

Check out our stockist page to see where you can shop our products in person!  

If you see something you love and would like to add a twist or you have your own idea for a piece, message me, I’m willing to do custom pieces!


Cheers! Rachel